Frequently Asked Questions

I am running for local office. Does Custom Campaign Mail meet federal, state and local legal requirements?

Custom Campaign Mail can be used for any level of office. Once your campaign has identified the legal requirements applicable to the office you are seeking, our templates can be customized to meet them. Your campaign is responsible for identifying and complying with all legal requirements. For federal campaigns, contact the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and for state and local campaigns, contact the agency in your state responsible for regulating elections and campaign finance. You may also wish to consult an attorney.

Does my mail piece need a disclaimer?

Most states and municipalities require a disclaimer showing who has paid for or authorized the mailing. Federal candidates must include a disclaimer on their campaign materials. If you are unsure about requirements for your race, you should contact the agency in your state responsible for regulating elections or consult an attorney.

Does my mail piece need to include other statements or disclosures?

Many states have unique requirements. A candidate may be required to identify his or her party affiliation, cite specific votes when criticizing an opponent's voting record or include other information. To determine whether the state or municipality in which you are running has established additional requirements, contact the agency responsible for regulating elections in your state or consult an attorney.

How do I find mailing lists that allow me to target specific voters?

Custom Campaign Mail does not provide mailing lists and recommends contacting your local party committee about accessing mailing lists, including a registered voter list. The ability of candidates to obtain mailing lists from private organizations is generally limited by campaign finance laws. To determine the rules applicabale to your race, contact the FEC or the agency in your state responsible for regulating elections or consult an attorney.

Do you use Union Printers?

Custom Campaign Mail is proud to be pro-worker and pro-union, and only uses Union Printers. All Custom Campaign Mail pieces are printed with the Union bug, no exceptions.

What kind of paper will my mail be printed on?

We use the best printers with the best products. Postcards will be printed on a minimum of 100# cover paper and brochures will be printed on a minimum of 80# text paper. All paper meets postal requirements, while still ensuring you receive the best postage rates.

Where will my mail be printed?

Custom Campaign Mail has negotiated with trusted printers from around the country to ensure you get the best rates and high quality mail consistently. All mail pieces will be printed in the United States by Union Printers.

Am I responsible for the information I print?

Your campaign is responsible for the information printed and the photos used. When you approve your mail pieces, you accept responsibility for all facts and rights to photos. If you have questions on legality of claims or ownership rights to images, please contact your attorney.

I ran out of door hangers. Can I order more?

Custom Campaign Mail allows you to reorder pieces that you have previously designed by logging in to your account and selecting your previous order.

I live in Alaska. Do you mail in my area?

Custom Campaign Mail has a nationwide network of printers who will make sure your piece gets delivered to your constituents, anywhere in the United States.

What if my opponent uses mail from this site?

Custom Campaign Mail does not support or endorse candidates. Any person who wishes to use this service is welcome.

What if my opponent uses the same piece of mail?

Custom Campaign Mail allows you to fully customize your mail, so that no two pieces will ever look the same.

Can I make changes after I have submitted and paid for a piece?

When placing your order, you confirm that the piece is to be printed as designed. You are responsible for ensuring that all facts, spelling, photos, etc. are correct. All sales are final. Once a piece goes to print, we cannot reprint without charging for the additional print job.

What if I change my mind and don’t want to mail the piece any longer?

All sales are final. However, if you wish to cancel the actual mailing of your piece after it has printed, call us immediately and we will do our best to contact the post office and withdraw your mailing. You are still responsible for all printing and shipping costs.

What is the minimum resolution for a photo uploaded for print?

When uploading your own image, make sure that your photo is at least 300 dpi (dots per inch). Still have questions? Chat with one of our customer service representatives in the bottom right of your screen.

What if I don’t see my specific color or font listed?

Custom Campaign Mail does its best to provide numerous color and font options to clients. Color, photo and font libraries will continue to grow, so check back often or sign up for our email updates to receive news of new designs and discounts.

What if there is a misspelling on my piece?

Custom Campaign Mail does not provide proofreading services. When customizing your mail, it is up to you to ensure that text and images appear as you want them to when printed. Custom Campaign Mail is not responsible for misspellings or misprints.

I don’t want any stock photos. Can I only use photos from my gallery?

Custom Campaign Mail offers numerous issue-focused templates, but if you want a piece that is totally customizable, select “Design Your Own” within the category field and select your piece size, layout, and more

Do I need to cite sources for the statements made in my mail piece?

Some states may require citations to source materials such as a bill or statute when criticizing the record of an opponent. However, even if the jurisdiction in which you are running does not have this type of requirement, your campaign is responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of the statements made in your mail piece. You should familiarize yourself with the defmation laws in your jurisdiction and most states have laws regarding false representations affecting elections. To learn more about your responsibilities, contact the FEC or the agency in your state responsibile for regulating elections, or consult an attorney.

Can I use my own photos rather than the stock photos provided by Custom Campaign Mail?

You may customize your mail piece with your own photos. However your campaign is responsible for ensuring that your use of those photos is permitted under copyright law. While a photo on a federal government website may not be subject to copyright, each state and local government sets their own policy regarding use of website photos. YOU SHOULD PRESUME THAT A PHOTO IS COPYRIGHTED AND REQUIRE YOU TO OBTAIN A LICENSE TO USE IT UNLESS IT SAYS OTHERWISE. If you are unsure about the copyright status of photos you wish to use in your mail piece, contact the owner of the photo or consult an attorney.

How do I determine when my mail should be delivered?

When your mail is delivered to your target audience is an important part of planning your campaign. You should allow a minimum of 7-10 days for pieces to be printed and delivered to the post office. We suggest that you pick the date you want it in mailboxes and count backwards.

I haven’t seen my mail in mailboxes yet. Could something be wrong?

At Custom Campaign Mail, we do our best to meet your desired delivery date. That said, post offices across the country are different and some post offices may take longer to deliver your mail than others. Once the post office receives your mail from us, it is up to them when they deliver it. To help expedite your mail, we will deliver it using a “Political Red Tag.” This tag alerts the postal facilities that the mail is political and it is usually given expedited processing to meet election deadlines.

How long before delivery should I design my mail?

After customizing your mail piece, you will select when your mail will enter the United States Postal Service (USPS). You can design and order multiple pieces at once, choosing to space delivery over a number of days/weeks/ months.

The election is right around the corner and I need something fast. Can you help?

Custom Campaign Mail offers rush delivery services, plus a wide variety of GOTV (Get Out The Vote) mail pieces, door hangers and palm cards. We can help you reach your voters in time to win the election. Our customer service representatives are here to help. Start chatting with one of our talented customer service experts today by clicking on the window in the bottom right of your screen.

Who should I mail to?

Custom Campaign Mail does not provide mail lists. If you do not have a mail list, contact your local party committee about getting access to your registered voter list.

Is there a minimum order number?

Custom Campaign Mail is designed to serve campaigns of all sizes. From mail lists of 500 to 500,000, Custom Campaign Mail is here to help you communicate your message to your audience. We also can print your direct mail pieces without mailing them. It’s up to you.

What file formats can be uploaded?

All mail lists should be uploaded in a Microsoft Excel or CSV file format with a labeled header bar. For a template, check out the blog post about how to upload data?

I’m running a small race. Can I afford mass-mail communication?

YES! Custom Campaign Mail was developed to support local and down-ballot races running sophisticated campaigns. We want you to communicate effectively and efficiently with your electorate. We suggest you design and print more than one piece at a time for cost savings.

Why are your rates so much lower than political consultants that specialize in direct mail?

Custom Campaign Mail is not a consulting firm and does not offer campaign strategy or advice. We provide the tools, you provide the rest.

How and when do I pay for my campaign mail?

Custom Campaign Mail requires full payment at time of order. We accept all major credit cards and bank transfers.

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